Ruins of Bucharest – walking-tour in English, 2 February 2019

Considering the big social-media request to organize a special walking-tour in English, Arhiva de Geografie proposes you a 1-day field trip in the outskirts of Bucharest, on which occasion we visit:

  • Chitila abandoned Fort – part of the fortification belt of Bucharest, dated 1895;
  • Chiajna Monastery – an impressive ruined church from 1790;
  • Lake Morii  – a semicircular tour that will reach the deserted island which once served as a leisure area;
  • Lujerului abandoned train Tunnel – a place that even the neighborhood residents do not know about.

The total walking distance is 15 kilometers. The total time, including the visits, will take us about 8 hours.

The participation fee for this walking-tour is 9 EURO (42 Lei) and includes both a train ticket from București Nord to Chitila and the efforts to organize. Please pay the participation fee by January 31, 2019 – I will give you the details after signing up.

We meet on Saturday, February 2, at 7:30 AM, at the main railway station, called București Nord. As landmark, please come to the entrance of the KFC Restaurant. Our train leaves at 07:56 and arrives in Chitila at 08:06. Do not worry about the return train, we will return to the city on foot. The ending point will be the Politehnica Subway Station in the center of Bucharest, around 16 o’clock. After the tour, I will ask you to join me for a cup of hot wine or a good meal in a special place nearby!

Required equipment: boots, flashlight, outerwear, raincoat, food, water, a small backpack.

To participate, please sign up by sending a private message to the page Arhiva de Geografie, or if you prefer by email, to the following address: – specifying the person’s name, the day you want to accompany us, and the billing address.

Thank you and let’s explore together the ruins of Bucharest!

Andrei Ionel,

Arhiva de Geografie Project

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