Bulgarian Wild Canyons – Day Trip, May 5th

NO MORE SUBSCRIBING, WE ARE FULL! Dear friends and English-speakers, Arhiva de Geografie Project releases a new day-trip, also in our rented coach (BUS), on which occasion we visit 2 of the wildest canyons in Bulgaria:

  • Emen Canyon – a spectacular wild landscape, easy accessible by any tourist that can walk a few kilometers on an easy path, and a small waterfall that forms a lake where you could even take a swim, if you know how to do it 🙂
  • Hotnitsa Canyon – an adventurous 30-minute trail, equiped with ladders, bridges, insurance cables, that crosses the series of 4 waterfalls, reaching a plateau on which we descend back to the starting point.

On our way back home, we stop to a nice place to buy traditional food and drinks from Bulgaria!

For this day-trip you will need – it is compulsory – mountain boots and a backpack with water and snacks for the day. We will acces both canyons on some short mountain paths that are quite easy to go through for any person that is familiar with fitness activities.

Personal expenses in Bulgaria cand only be made in LEVA – you can find LEVA in Bucharest at some Exchange Offices in the central area or we can have a small stop at the border to change money.

Conditions for crossing the border into Bulgaria:

  • if you are a European Union citizen – you need identity card or Passport (be sure they are still currently valid);
  • if you are a non-EU citizen, you need a Passport (be sure it is valid);
  • if you are unde the age of 18 – please contact your local embassy – there is more paper-work to do!

We meet on Sunday, May 5th, at 06:00, in Piața Unirii – Union Square from Bucharest. As landmark, please come to Hotel Horoscop or The Harp Restaurant Terrace. There is also a Metro (subway) acces here, to Piața Unirii 1. Our coach (BUS) leaves at 06:10, not a minute later (I recommend arriving at 05:50 to choose your favorite seats). We arrive back to the same place in the evening around 21:00.

To participate, please sign up by sending a private message to the page Arhiva de Geografie, or if you prefer by email, to the following address: geoarhiva@gmail.com – specifying the person’s name and the billing address.

The participation fee is 31 Euro (147 Lei) and includes both transportation + entry fees, and the efforts to organize. After subscribing, please pay the participation fee by April 26th, by bank transfer (or cash deposit) in the following accounts of my Travel Agency GEOARHIVA SRL (fiscal number 38009864):

  • for LEI (147 Lei) = RO83 INGB 0000 9999 0702 6194
  • for EURO (31 Euro) = RO94 INGB 0000 9999 0766 2607

Thank you and let’s explore together the Bulgarian Canyons!

Andrei Ionel,

Arhiva de Geografie Project

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